Not knowing where to start is one of the biggest challenges that face new members.
GETTING MOTIVATED is up to you. We can provide the education and the knowledge needed, even teach some skills if you are teachable. We have the best, most up to date Smart-Networking system and tools to guarantee your success, but you need to provide the desire and really WANT to make the changes in your life. In other words, do some of the things today that other people won’t do, to have the things tomorrow, other people won’t have.
Getting started can be the hardest part, mostly because you don’t know where to begin. My online training materials will help you get started right and help ensure that you don’t waste time on activities that won’t really get you results.
One of the main reasons people fail in this or any other business is because someone with limited knowledge starts sharing it with someone else who ends up with either too much information, bad information or not enough information and then that person rains on your parade, tells you it’s no good, or it’s a waste of your time. And all too often, you make the mistake of listening to people who have just made decisions based on bad information.
You can avoid many mistakes by using our proven system. You don’t have to know all of the answers at first. You need to get people in front of the system, at your website, so that they can make a decision based on good information. You will want to send as many people as possible to your website in order to find those that “see” what you saw. Make sure also to familiarize yourself with the training modules available and useful recruit system and conference calls, etc. so that you can be more effective as you invite others to take a look at different video presentations. Get your own business cards today! If you don’t have business cards that have your web address on them to hand to every single person you meet, you are crazy. Getting a business card in the hands of a prospect and asking them to simply visit your site is the single fastest, easiest, least intrusive and most effective way to turn contacts into leads and leads into money.
Learn what they are, take all the online training as soon as possible. And do it over and over till you understand it all. Learn how to use this Smart-Networking system inside-out to make your business duplicatable. And remember, every single person you ever get involved in the business will be able to have this same system!
Most people actually don’t, it’s ok. What if you hate sales or thought you hated “MLM”. That’s OK. It’s completely normal. It is not necessary for you to be a great salesman or beat up your friends and family to be successful in this business if you are using this system correctly. If you are like most people, you may be uncomfortable talking to people one-on-one about money, then of course you appreciate more than anyone, the beauty and value of this online system, which you have at your fingertips. Just ask people if they are interested in this opportunity to go to your web site. Hand them a business card with your web address on it and then learn how to follow up using and studying the other training modules right here in your back office. You never bother anyone with “Going to a meeting” or even listening to a “Pitch” unless they ask you to give them one or take them to a meeting, which most people will do “AFTER” they have been to your website and taken the presentation. Does that sound a little less scary than the “Typical” business opportunity? It is and people love it!
Keep in mind that information overdose ruins everything! Your only task is to get the people to visit your site, then let the site do the rest of the work. Don’t describe the products or the business in too much depth. Don’t try to explain your website and other things. Just tell them to visit your website and watch the video presentation and in case they are interested you tell them more. So keep it simple, simple, simple!
Yes, it is important! Make people visit your website and show them the system step-by-step, tell them that you use the exact same system and they can have the same tools and sources by simply copying what you did. The task is to: Register, create your website, order your own business cards, watch the training modules, spread your business cards, and follow up!
Of course, if you use them properly. The aim of business cards and every other tool is to make people visit your site! Make people visit your site so that you have the chance to make them register. As you get more and more experienced you will see that no one says “no” to you and you will be gladly using these strategies! The more you practice, the better chances you have.
Have you ever done the simple maths to see what happens if you get just 3 people onto your team and then they get three people each and that is duplicated down in just 7 months? Look at this 1, 3, 9, 27, 81, 243, 729, 2187, that’s a total of over 3,000 people in your team.
One nice thing about using this incredible system is the simple invitation to a website. You invite others to go to your website and see the video presentation to find out if they are interested. You can then spend your precious time following up only with the people who “are” interested! Your Smart-Networking system simply eliminates the people who aren’t interested. Your job is to get as many people as possible to your website. Using this tool, you will never personally get rejected or have to put ‘friends’ in an uncomfortable situation.
Remember let the system work for you. Let your web site and the professionals in your team do their jobs. All you have to do is connect people with your web site. You're not the message, but the messenger. You can use the system consistently. You're just sifting and sorting, giving people the chance to learn from the tools we offer. The more people you are helping to flow through the web site, the sooner you will find those who are ready now to participate. More people through the system also means more financial benefits for you!
These sales techniques work but the first problem with sales techniques is that you will end up with people in your business who really do not want to be there. The second problem is that you will have to motivate people every day who really never wanted to participate in the first place. We don’t want you to have those problems. So do yourself a favour and remember that Some Will, Some Won’t, So What? NEXT!
You may want to set a small goal. Maybe you want to hand out 5 Business Cards or 1 a day, or 7 a day. Set a goal of a number that you know will generate you one prospect. Well, if that takes you 20 Business Cards, then every time you hand out 20 Business Cards you can expect the duplication of your system. If it takes you 40 Business Cards, then that’s what it takes. If it only takes you 2 then you are really good at convincing people at the first impression. Whatever it takes, you start multiplying that over time and you will come up with a success formula as far as how many people you need to invite, how many people you need to follow up on in order for you to achieve your financial dreams.
Now everyone is always asking me what the real key to success is. Well, there are the three rules to success of course you can’t escape. Then you’ve got steps to success within the system. But the final and most important overall thing that you need to do to be able to succeed in your business is to be persistent! You simply can’t ever give up. You’re not going to get every single person you give a card or send an e-mail to go to your website. You’re not even going to get 1 in 10 people to go to your website who just signs up on his own. What’s going to happen people is that you are going to be have to be out there doing that prospecting on a regular basis consistently over time to reach the success you dream of.

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SHARE WITH US! Your experiences is important to us!
We would really like to hear about your experiences of using My System.

Franz Roither (LikesXL / XPRO)

"I was very delighted to be amongst the first people to test the SmartNetworking system. As for me the system..."


Dmitry Ushakov (QW Lianora Swiss)

"I've only been an "observer" in these past 3-4 years. I've been introduced to this system by a friend..."


Wei Lin Chua (Bitqyck)

"I began using this system, and my downline has EXPLODED! Your system immediately added 27 solid new members..."


Zamil Toyo (Bitclub Network)

"Wow! What a remarkable system! I'm now having a new person joining my team about every 24 hours..."


Alexandru Popescu (WorldVentures)

"I recently joined, and began using your system. I started getting good feedback almost instantly..."


Karina Nilsen (Valentus)

"I wanted to let you know what a life changing experience it was using your services. This has been one of..."


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Opinions, experiences (

SHARE WITH US! Your experiences is important to us!
We would really like to hear about your experiences of using My System.

Gabriela Streit (OneLife)

"Dear Team! I received my business cards today and I'm delighted with them! They're far better..."


Tatyana Alpatova (DoTerra)

"Hi guys! I received my cards yesterday and would like to thank you for the prompt service..."


Julianna Pásztor (Morinda)

"Dear Com-Ware Ltd.! Many thanks for your excellent service! My cards arrived yesterday..."


Claudia Böhm (HLBS Network)

"Your user-friendly website is good fun to work with and it's terrific to be able to see my cards..."


Sabrina Schulz (Kannaway)

"Hi! I just wanted to let you know that I received the business cards. They are great..."


Jessica Girelli (Rain)

"Ciao!!! Have just received the cards... they are way above my expectations! Well done..."


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